Anne, Donald & Kelly Bennett – Directors – DEER GENETICS NZ LIMITED

Our business has used Ford Simpson for our accounting and business advice for two and a half years. We have a business today which can attribute a considerable improvement in information, reporting and analysis from the advice and guidance of their firm.

As with most things, our business has changed and Ford Simpson has been able to assist us with these changes and continue to do so.

The introduction of younger accountants, with new ideas and new technology will mean they keep us up-to-date with the changes and continue to give us advice and guidance.

Ant always makes himself available for farm visits. His practical advice and ability to engage with us in a positive and meaningful way means we can approach him when needing to discuss and make business decisions.

His contributions at these meetings are invaluable with his ability to explain different points in layman's terms. He thinks "outside the square" and knows and understands our unique business.

His advice comes from a commercial aspect with a deep knowledge of our many facetted business, taking the time and interest to ensure we are kept up to date.


Ant was a huge help in the process of transitioning the family farm to the next generation. He understood the challenges we needed to overcome, and with his involvement with the planning process, he ensured the objectives were achieved in the overall farm succession.

Ant liaised with our other farm professionals, lawyers, bankers and advisors to keep everyone focused and motivated to meet our family goals.

Ford Simpson's service has been exceptional. In particular, Ant has made himself available for critical business meetings, and he has represented our farming interests regardless of the time or date.

We are now in control of our own Family destiny.



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